Basic Endodontic Course

Basic Endodontic Course

13 November, 2020 - 14 November, 2020
١٦ شارع الإذاعي صلاح ذكي - مساكن شيراتون - مصر الجديدة, Sheraton, Cairo, Egypt


Basic Endodontic Course: 2 Day Lectures and Hands-On 

1st Day:

1-Diagnosis is the key of success of root canal treatment 

2-Case selection + Treatment plan. 

3-What is the important of CBCT and how it is help in daily practice work 

4- Magnification in Endodontics

5- Complex of root canal morphology of different individual teeth

6- Access cavity preparation of different individual teeth

7-Biomechanical preparation of root canal system

8- Isolation from “A” To “Z”


* access cavity preparation of different individual teeth.

* rubber dam Isolation from “A” To “Z” in restorative field with a lot of tips & tricks. 

2nd Day:

1-Emergency treatment in Endodontics

2- Single visit VS multiple visit (When & How)

3-How to deal with Endo-Perio lesions 

 (How to make correct Diagnosis & Management of such cases)

4- 3D cleaning of complex root canal system

5-Learn all clinical tricks and tips for locating of extra canal &How to dealing with complex anatomy

6-3 D obturation (How to fill complex root canal system in 3D manner)

7-Recent advance in rotary in Endodontics (Past, present, future)


*3D Cleaning & Shaping protocols using rotary files 

*3D obturation techniques

Speaker/ Dr. Abd El-Rahman Ali Hamouda

-Assistant Lecturer of Endodontics.

-Master Degree of Endodontics 

-PhD Researcher of Endodontics.

-Silver Member of 3D Cleaning Project. 

-BDS,MSc,of Endodontics.

Faculty of Dentistry - Al-Azhar University.


Dr. Abd El-Rahman Ali Hamouda

Assistant Lecturer of Endodontics - Master Degree of Endodontics - PhD Researcher of Endodontics.

Event Date

13 November, 2020
14 November, 2020

08:00 ص to 03:00 م

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