Anterior, Posterior Composite and Rubber Dam Isolation Course

Anterior, Posterior Composite and Rubber Dam Isolation Course

Endodontics, General Dentistry
24 September, 2020 - 26 September, 2020
تقاطع شارع المعتصم مع الحلو، طنطا, Tanta, Gharbia, Egypt


Anterior, Posterior Composite And Rubber Dam Isolation Course Program:

Day 1:

1/ Isolation:

  • Armamentarium of rubber dam
  • Classifications of clamps
  • Each clamp use for various clinical situation
  • Modifications of clamps
  • Different techniques and accessories
  • Nightmare of badly decayed teeth
  • Golden keys of isolation success
  • Which products to buy
  • Special tricks of isolation
  • Cases discussion
  • Other methods of isolation

2/ Introduction to Resin Composite:

  • Classifications of adhesives
  • Classification of resin composites
  • Composite shades
  • Overall view on adhesive products
  • Recommendations in market for each item
  • Adhesive Strategies
  • Occlusal assessment of clinical cases
  • Caries removal different concepts
  • Cavity design step by step


Rubber dam with different techniques

Floss tie

Day 2:

  • Gingivectomy Vs biologic width
  • Types of different matricing systems
  • Matrix selection system for different clinical situations
  • Modification techniques; why, when and how?
  • Pre or delayed wedging
  • Is Ring necessary?
  • Custom wedge
  • Modified wedging techniques
  • Teflon games
  • Instruments for composite application
  • Can we rely on flowable composite?
  • Pulp capping materials
  • Back to back cavities
  • Composite heating
  • Replication composite techniques
  • Techniques of composite application
  • Composite failure and how to avoid
  • The curse of postoperative hypersensitivity, how to avoid
  • Polymerization shrinkage
  • Double matrix; when and why?
  • Light cure device, clinical tips


Class II posterior composite

Day 3:

1/ Anterior composite:

  • Esthetic integration
  • Colors in anterior teeth
  • Shade selection
  • Monoshade Vs Layering
  • Mockup
  • Techniques of anterior composite
  • Special tricks for good results
  • Best tools available with a reasonable price
  • Diastema closure

2/ Finishing & Polishing:

  • Armamentarium
  • Step by step anterior
  • Step by step posterior

3/ Cases Discussion lecture:

More than 60 cases covering all modules


Class IV anterior composite



Dr Mostafa El-Sherbiny

BDS, MFD RCSI -Certified Composite Speaker From DMC Academy

Event Date

24 September, 2020
26 September, 2020

07:30 ص to 04:00 م

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