Smart Orthodontic Online Diploma

Smart Orthodontic Online Diploma

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3 July, 2020 - 23 April, 2021


Smart Orthodontic Online Diploma

Course Overview:

Orthodontics is an interesting challenging field and it is easier than you think! Traditional learning makes orthodontics more complicated, and makes general dentists stop performing orthodontic treatment. In this one year program, we will teach simpler comprehensive straight wire concepts, based on accurate diagnosis.

In this course, the attendees will have the opportunity to treat patients, and apply theoretical knowledge clinically through our smart condensed clinical Diploma.

Course Duration:

3 July 2020 till 23 April 2021

One year (Theoretical)

Curriculum & Dates:

1st Day


Dr.Mostafa Al-Shiaty

Basic Ortho:-

Normal occlusion classification of malocclusion Tooth movements

2nd Day


Dr.Mostafa Al-Shiaty

1st diagnosis:-

1 Extra oral, intra oral + Photography Sub content

How to start diagnosis

Extra oral assessment

Intra oral assessment Photography

3rd Day


Dr.Mostafa Al-Shiaty

2nd diagnosis:-

Mixed dentition analysis

Cast Analysis, Cephalometric tracing Bolton index analysis

Total space analysis

Essential cephalometric readings

Skeletal readings

Dental readings

Soft tissue readings

Interpretation of cephalometric readings

4th Day


Dr.Mostafa Al-Shiaty

Orthodontic materials:-

Orthodontic materials Subcontent :-

Type of braces.

Type of wires.

Different ligation methods.

Force elements


Needed pliers and cutters. (your basic orthodontic kit)

5th Day


Dr.Mostafa Al-Shiaty

Bonding Subcontent :-

Bracket positioning. Bonding techniques Steps of direct bonding.

6th Day


Dr.Mostafa Al-Shiaty

Anchorage +Tads Subcontent:

Definition of anchorage.

Classification of anchorage according to space loss. Sources of anchorage.

7th Day


Dr.Mostafa Al-Shiaty

Anchorage +Tads Subcontent:

Anchorage loss: manifestation and causes.

How to plan your anchorage?

TADS: indication, contraindication, sites of insertion , techniques of insertion

8th Day


Dr.Mostafa Al-Shiaty

Treatment plan 1:-

space closure: retraction techniques

space creation : opening _ distalization _ extraction

9th Day


Dr.Mostafa Al-Shiaty

Treatment plan 2:-

open bite:- etiology.. treatment elastics types and uses

10th Day


Dr.Mostafa Al-Shiaty

Treatment plan 3:-

Deep bite:- etilogy and treatment

11th Day


Dr.Mostafa Al-Shiaty

Treatment plan 4:-

Treatment of growing patiet class 2 and 3 functional appliances

12th Day


Dr.Mostafa Al-Shiaty

Treatment plan 5:-

biomichanics levelling and alignment revision of 7-8

13th Day


Dr.Mostafa Al-Shiaty

miniscrews and TADs

14th Day


Dr.Mostafa Al-Shiaty

Finishing + Retention and relapse

15th Day


Dr.Mostafa Al-Shiaty

Interceptive + removable

Subcontent: Management of developing dentition:- Early loss of primary teeth.

Space maintainers and regainers.

Different patterns of extractions.

Ankylosis and retained primary teeth.

Oral habits and habit breaking appliances.

16th Day


Dr.Mostafa Al-Shiaty

Functional + Removable Subcontent:-

Growth modification and growth predictors. ( a new chance for your patient)

Time of using functional appliances.

Types of functional appliances.

17th Day


Dr.Mostafa Al-Shiaty


Definition and advantage.

Evidence base of its efficacy over standard brackets. Wires used and wire sequence.

Types of self ligation

Brands in markets

18th Day


Dr.Mostafa Al-Shiaty

Indirect bonding technique

19th Day


Dr.Ahmed Henawy

Damon system


Dr Mostafa Alshiaty

Ass. Lecture Orthodontic dep, MSC orthodontics Ain shams university.

MFDS RCSEdin, Orthodontic specialist.

Dr Ahmed Henawy

M ortho RCSEd, M ortho Rcps Glasgow, M ortho Rcs-eng


120 Credit hours

3-A certificate from Spc Academy authenticated and can be authenticated by any other embassy.

Cancellation Policy:

10% of the total fees of the diploma will be deducted in case of asking to refund the paid deposit before the lectures' starting as an administration fees.

-Student has no right to refund any of the paid amounts after the second lecture.

Event Date

3 July, 2020
23 April, 2021

10:00 ص to 02:00 م

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