CBIC Exam Preparation Diploma

CBIC Exam Preparation Diploma

Live Courses
1 October, 2020 - 1 February, 2021


"CBIC Exam Preparation Diploma" 

Diploma Elements:

  1. No. of Modules: 8 Modules
  2. No. of hours: 72 hours
  3. No. of Lectures: 18 lectures
  4. Quiz on each Module 2 Lectures Revision Final Examination.
  5. Study Sources.
  6. A comprehensive summary for APIC textbook.
  7. A comprehensive power point presentation for every lecture covering all information in the APIC textbook Post test after each lecture (questions from CBIC retired exams).

Diploma Materials:

  1. CBIC Exams which are the official source of practice questions during the course
  2. Soft Copy of APIC text book
  3. Soft Copy of Certification Study Guide
  4. CBIC Secrets book

Program Outline:

Module 1: Identification of Infectious Disease processes (3 lectures)

  • Learning objectives and introduction to the CBIC exam Risk factors for Healthcare acquired infections Standard infection control measures
  • Isolation Measures
  • Identification of various infectious diseases ( Epidemiology ,Transmission ,Clinical features , Pathogenicity ,Diagnosis , treatment and Prevention)

Module 2: Employee /Occupational Health (2 lectures)

  • Designing of Occupational health program
  • Occupational hazards
  • Immunizing agents and immunization schedules for healthcare personnel 

Module 3: Preventing /Controlling the Transmission of Infectious Agents (3 lectures)

  • Infection control in Dialysis unit
  • Infection control in surgical services Infection control in dental services
  • Infection control in CSSD Device-Associated infections

Module 4: Surveillance and Epidemiologic Investigation (2 lectures)

  • General principles of epidemiology Outbreak investigation
  • Surveillance methodologies
  • Role of statistics in hospital epidemiology

Module 5: Management and Communication (1 lecture)

  • Competency and certification of infection preventionists
  • Accrediting and regulatory agencies

Module 6: Education and research (1 lecture)

  • Education Basic principles in teaching and learning Research and study design
  • Epidemiological studies

Module 7: Environment of Care (3 lectures)

  • Environmental infection control Types of medical waste
  • Linen services
  • Air as a source of infection Water as a source of infection HACCP Principles
  • Bio-terrorism agents

Module 8: Cleaning ,Sterilization ,Disinfection, Asepsis (1 lecture)

  • Spaulding classification
  • Properties and uses of commonly used disinfectants 


120 Credit Hours: A Certificate from (SPC ACADEMY) authenticated by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and can be authenticated by any other embassy.



Dr Ghada Abdel Monem

American Board Certified - Works at Cleopatra Hospital

Event Date

1 October, 2020
1 February, 2021

10:00 ص to 04:00 م

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